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Wood Elves

Sometimes projects come in that are really different to the norm. In this case, a set of 10mm scale Warhammer models by Forest Dragon miniatures. Intended for use in The Old World Warhammer game, but with tiny models, to evoke the feeling of the Warhammer Total War video game on the tabletop. Meet, the Wood Elves.


The Wood Elves, denizens of the enchanted and mystical Athel Loren forest within the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe, are a race deeply connected to the natural world and its ancient magic. Led by powerful and iconic figures such as Orion and Durthu, the Wood Elves embody the untamed spirit of the wilderness.


Orion, the fabled King in the Woods, stands as the eternal avatar of Kurnous, the Elven god of the hunt. Manifesting in the mortal realm during the Wild Hunt, Orion is a force of nature on the battlefield, leading the Wood Elves with unparalleled ferocity and skill. His presence inspires both awe and fear among his kin.


Durthu, the ancient Treeman, is a living embodiment of the forest's wrath. With a deep connection to the World Roots, Durthu is a guardian of Athel Loren, and his presence on the battlefield signals the wrath of the woodland spirits. Towering over enemies, Durthu wields devastating strength and commands the loyalty of the ancient spirits dwelling within the forest.


The Glade Guard, with their finely crafted longbows, form the core of the Wood Elf army. These skilled archers rain arrows upon their foes from hidden vantage points, utilizing their woodland expertise to strike swiftly and disappear into the shadows. Their precision and speed make them a formidable ranged unit.


Wild Riders, mounted upon swift and agile steeds, embody the hit-and-run tactics of the Wood Elves. Armed with spears and a deep knowledge of the forest's terrain, these cavalry units excel at charging into enemy lines, delivering devastating blows, and swiftly retreating before retaliation.
Waywatchers, elite marksmen of the Wood Elf forces, are masters of stealth and ambush. Armed with magical bows, they can shoot with unerring accuracy, picking off high-value targets from a distance before fading back into the forest. Their ability to strike from hidden positions makes them a crucial element of Wood Elf tactics.


The mighty Treekin, animated tree-creatures, serve as living bulwarks on the battlefield. Possessed by the spirits of the ancient forest, Treekin are formidable in close combat, absorbing enemy assaults and delivering powerful blows with their massive limbs.


Wood Elf tactics often revolve around hit-and-run maneuvers, exploiting the forest's terrain for cover and ambushing enemies with precision strikes. Their ability to move swiftly through the forest and unleash devastating ranged attacks before disappearing again allows them to control engagements and dictate the flow of battle.


In summary, the Wood Elves, led by figures like Orion and Durthu, showcase a harmonious blend of nature's magic and Elven prowess. With the Glade Guard raining arrows, Wild Riders charging with speed, Waywatchers striking from hidden positions, and Treekin standing as mighty guardians, the Wood Elves employ tactics rooted in the ancient lore of Athel Loren, making them a unique and formidable force within the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe.

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