Blazing Brush Studio offers three different painting standards for you to choose from. The following guide takes you through the standards that we provide and what is involved in meeting them.


Regardless of which service you opt for, Blazing Brush Studio is committed to providing customers with finished models which look clean and neat. As such we only use drybrushing where appropriate, for example, if it fits the scheme, or on metallics. We do not use it as a shortcut to get armies finished as quickly as possible. Some levels work better for certain model types than others, please don't hesitate to get in touch for professional advice on what will work best for you.





Our lowest priced painting standard. It is perfect for those looking to get an army painted on a budget, but still want their figures to look great on a gaming table. At this level, models are undercoated, neatly basecoated and washed to give depth and draw out details. The number of colours used at tabletop standard tend to be fewer but smart use of a limited pallet can still give amazing results. The following pictures show how great models can look painted to Tabletop Quality.




A fearsome sight indeed, this set of 50 Necron Warriors shows how impressive a massive unit can look. These particular models had an extra highlight added to the red and green sections after the wash stage upon request of the client.



These Grim Hammers from The Hobbit range have been painted to tabletop quality. Their head to toe armour, dark leather garbs and matted beards lend themselves perfectly to the techniques used at this level.





Our most popular painting standard. If you want to take your models to the next level, then this is the standard for you. It is perfect for those who want a fantastic gaming army that will also look incredible in a cabinet. At this level, models are undercoated, neatly basecoated and subtle highlights are applied with an airbrush. Washes are then used to shade the figures further. Additional highlights are provided with single layer, sharp edge highlighting or emphasis added with weathering and chipping, depending on the clients choice. See the following pictures for more details.





Black is sometimes a difficult colour to get right, these Iron Hands Legion Marines wear it well. Dulled metal, brass and striking red details break up the miniatures. Here is an example of the 'Weathered' look, used by Forge World to make thier armies look more realistic and gritty. We love this look, particualarly for Horus Heresy models.


Part of the Sit'Let Dynasty, these Praetorians carry the red armour plating of their cohorts with a regal twist of layered, golden shoulder guards. Their weapons are painted with green glazed metallics to compliment the crystals added to the bases and their crisp, white helmets draw the eye.

The whole of this incredible dynasty have had scenic bases and small terrain pieces added as extra options.



The contrast of colours and clean layering on this Great Eagle shows why Display Quality is our most popular painting standard. As mentioned above, we only use drybrushing where appropriate, and only if it gives great results. The texture of the feathers on this Eagle allow the drybrush to capture the detail perfectly, no chalky mess here.


White can be a scary colour, but these World Eaters show how it can become the most eye catching of all. With bloodied axes and gritty armour, there's no mistaking these marines as sons of the XII Legion. Big units like this form the core of most armies and we make sure that every model is given equal attention.

The studios' best painting standard. Signature Quality does not compromise on time or techniques, as such it is perfect for centrepiece models or a showstopping army. Attention is payed to every level of detail. The process begins with airbrush preshading, working from dark to light. We use the Zenithal principle to provide a foundation for later colouring which complements the brushwork and guides our artists into a hyper-real style. Washes are applied in stages to ensure realistic shading and edge highlights are worked up in multiple layers in order to blend them cleanly. Where appropriate we use powders, special paint effects and weathering techniques to really bring your creation to life. In life you get what you pay for, this is our favourite level to work at as it contantly tests our skills and challenges our reputation.




Here are two examples of Forge World's incredible Primarch miniatures, Angron and Ferrus Manus, both painted to our Signature Quality. All requests for signature paint jobs are handled on a case by case basis, making sure that we deliver exactly what you want, and more.