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Warhammer 40k Commission Painting Studio Chaos Abaddon
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What to tell us

Models Required

Tell us all about your commission painting project. What Warhammer models would you like us to paint? The more specific you can be, the more accurate our quote will be.



Painting Level

What standard of painting do you want? Use our Services page to get a better idea of what we offer. If you require something in between these levels, let us know, we have something for everyone.



Basing Options

What bases would you like on your new models? We include lots of fantastic looking bases as part of our painting prices! But of course, we can go the extra mile with these if you want us to.



Extra Options


Would you like any conversion work, transfers or movement trays? If you think of anything to make your Warhammer model painting project special, put it in here!



Budget + timeframe
Let us know if you have a specific budget in mind and if there are any strict deadlines to meet.
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Terms and Conditions


Once you have been given a quote and would like to go ahead with your Warhammer painting commission, we require the cost of any models that you need us to purchase up front, or you can send models to us directly if you already have everything that you need.



Purchasing Models


Blazing Brush Studio can buy all models on behalf of our clients. If you wish to provide the models, you can either have them delivered directly to us from a retailer, or send them yourself. If you choose this method, please note that you will be responsible for them getting to us safely. We recommend using a recorded delivery service.




We accept payment for our Warhammer commission painting services by PayPal or bank transfer.


Packaging and Shipping


We ensure that all miniatures are well packaged with bubble wrap or foam and will arrive in perfect condition. Models will be shipped with tracked delivery for your peace of mind. The delivery cost and time is of course variable based on the size of the project and your location. We ship across the UK and worldwide.





We do not accept returns once models have been shipped, but before any miniatures are delivered the client will be updated with lots of pictures and/or videos of the project. There will be no surprises on delivery and our reviews are always very positive.

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