We love painting at Blazing Brush Studio! Having turned a life long passion for miniatures and wargames into a profession, the Blazing Brush Team can't wait to work on your project.


Whatever your budget, we take great pride in providing a high quality painting service. Unlike many other miniature painting services, the quality of even our basic standard is fantastic. We paint models that we would be proud to game with and to display ourselves. So, whether you want a simply painted army or a cabinet quality collection, Blazing Brush Studio will strive to meet your individual needs and provide you with superb, stand out models.




Big armies are something we really enjoy working on at the studio. One of our proudest projects is a 12,000 point Necron Dynasty which we featured at Salute Wargames Convention 2014. The display was impressive enough to be featured on Forge Worlds website.





Sometimes we take a break from commission work - to paint more fantastic miniatures! If you are ever on the lookout for a ready made army to take to a tournament, check out our eBay page for our latest "Battle Ready Armies". These are written by competent tournament gamers, designed to give you a competitive edge while looking great!