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Vampire Counts

Sometimes projects come in that are really different to the norm. In this case, a set of 10mm scale Warhammer models by Forest Dragon miniatures. Intended for use in The Old World Warhammer game, but with tiny models, to evoke the feeling of the Warhammer Total War video game on the tabletop. First up, Vampire Counts.

The Vampire Counts, a malevolent force within the dark corners of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe, are a faction of undead led by powerful vampire lords seeking dominion over the Old World. At the forefront of this unholy host are the infamous characters Mannfred von Carstein and Vlad von Carstein, both powerful vampires with a thirst for conquest and control.

Mannfred von Carstein, a cunning and ambitious vampire lord, is known for his mastery of dark magic and strategic brilliance. As a key figure in the Vampire Counts' hierarchy, Mannfred weaves his dark sorceries on the battlefield, commanding legions of the undead with an iron will.

Vlad von Carstein, another notable vampire lord, is both charismatic and ferocious. As a former ruler of Sylvania, Vlad's indomitable presence on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of the living. His mastery of martial combat and command over the vampiric legions make him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Vampire Counts' armies are comprised of a variety of undead minions, including the stoic Grave Guard, relentless Crypt Ghouls, and the elite Blood Knights. Grave Guard, clad in ancient and ornate armor, serve as the disciplined backbone of the undead forces. Crypt Ghouls, on the other hand, are feral and ravenous, overwhelming enemies with their sheer numbers and primal ferocity.

Among the most feared units in the Vampire Counts' arsenal are the Blood Knights, vampiric cavalry riding nightmarish steeds. Clad in vampiric armor and wielding lethal weapons, Blood Knights are a devastating force in both shock assaults and prolonged engagements, embodying the terror that the undead bring to the battlefield.

Adding to the dread that surrounds the Vampire Counts is the ominous presence of the Zombie Dragon, a nightmarish undead beast ridden by a powerful vampire lord. The Zombie Dragon, with its decaying wings and otherworldly strength, becomes a harbinger of doom on the battlefield, spreading terror and death wherever it goes.

The Vampire Counts' armies, led by the likes of Mannfred and Vlad von Carstein, supported by the unyielding Grave Guard, the relentless Crypt Ghouls, the elite Blood Knights, and the terrifying Zombie Dragon, are a force that embodies the macabre and sinister essence of the undead in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles universe. Their dark magic, martial prowess, and monstrous allies make them a formidable adversary on the grim battlefields of the Old World.

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