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Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons, a formidable and arcane faction within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, are deeply entwined with the whims of Tzeentch, the Chaos God of Change. Led by their enigmatic Primarch, Magnus the Red, the Thousand Sons were once a noble Space Marine Legion, known for their pursuit of knowledge and psychic mastery. However, their unquenchable thirst for sorcery led them down a treacherous path, ultimately binding them to the capricious machinations of Tzeentch.


At the helm of the Thousand Sons, Magnus the Red stands as a towering figure of both power and tragedy. His mastery over psychic abilities is unmatched, reflecting his deep connection to the Warp. However, the catastrophic events of the Horus Heresy forever altered the fate of the Thousand Sons, as Magnus' ill-fated attempt to save his Legion led to their transformation into entities of dust and spirit known as Rubric Marines.


Rubric Marines, once proud Astartes, now exist as spectral remnants encased in dust-filled power armour. Their souls trapped and bodies reduced to ash, these warriors serve as a haunting reminder of the price the Thousand Sons paid for delving too deeply into the arcane. Yet, within the sorcerous ranks of the Thousand Sons, psykers and sorcerers continue to harness the powers of the Warp, wielding devastating spells that manipulate time and reality.


In the current setting of Warhammer 40,000, those who field a Thousand Sons army find themselves drawn into the intricate dance of psychic warfare. Tactics revolve around leveraging the unique strengths of psychic abilities, transforming the battlefield with warpfire and reality-warping spells. The Thousand Sons' distinct aesthetic, marked by ornate and intricately detailed armour, makes them visually striking on the tabletop, a testament to their connection to the ever-changing nature of Tzeentch. As they navigate the turbulent currents of the Warp, the Thousand Sons embody the duality of knowledge and damnation in the grim darkness of the far future.

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