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The Sylvaneth, ethereal denizens of the mystical and primeval forests within the Age of Sigmar, are a faction bound to the forces of life and nature. At the heart of this enigmatic faction is Alarielle, the Everqueen, a powerful spirit of nature and the guardian of the Sylvaneth. As the living embodiment of the forests' magic, Alarielle radiates a profound connection to the realms and serves as a beacon of hope for her sylvan kin.

Tree-Revenants, spectral beings bound to the sacred groves, exemplify the Sylvaneth's ethereal nature. Swift and elusive, these revenants move effortlessly through the forests, executing hit-and-run tactics against their enemies. Armed with enchanted blades, they strike from hidden vantage points, protecting the sanctity of their woodland domains.

Kurnoth Hunters, towering and formidable, are the heavy hitters of the Sylvaneth forces. These powerful tree spirits wield massive bows, scythes, or greatswords, delivering devastating blows to any who threaten the natural balance. Kurnoth Hunters provide the Sylvaneth with ranged support and formidable melee capabilities, making them a versatile and pivotal unit on the battlefield.

Dryads, the basic infantry of the Sylvaneth, are manifestations of the forests' consciousness. Nimble and numerous, they form the bulk of the Sylvaneth forces. In battle, Dryads surge forward in a verdant wave, overwhelming their foes with sheer numbers and the primal power of nature.

Treelords, ancient and wise, serve as the spiritual anchors of the Sylvaneth. These colossal beings, whether armed with blades or staffs, embody the essence of the ancient forests. In battle, Treelords act as both formidable warriors and powerful spellcasters, unleashing the magic of the Sylvaneth to shape the course of war.

Sylvaneth tactics often revolve around utilizing the unique abilities of their units and the magical synergy with the awakened Wyldwoods that dot the battlefield. The summoning of additional Wyldwoods, strategic placement of units within the forests, and exploiting the teleportation abilities of some Sylvaneth units contribute to a dynamic and unpredictable playstyle.

In the Age of Sigmar, the Sylvaneth stand as defenders of nature's sanctity, guardians of the ancient woods, and wielders of the primal forces that shape the Mortal Realms. With Alarielle's guidance, Tree-Revenants' agility, Kurnoth Hunters' might, and the collective strength of Dryads and Treelords, the Sylvaneth are a force to be reckoned with, ensuring that the balance of life endures in the face of chaos.

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