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Slaves to Darkness

Slaves to Darkness, a malevolent force within the realms of Age of Sigmar, pledges allegiance to the dark powers of Chaos. At the forefront of this formidable faction stands Archaon, the Everchosen, a being of immense power and the supreme champion of the Chaos Gods. Archaon's presence alone strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies, and his dominion over the Slaves to Darkness is absolute.

Chaos Warriors, stalwart and corrupted champions, form the backbone of the Slaves to Darkness legions. Clad in sinister armour adorned with blasphemous symbols, these warriors are undying in their devotion to Chaos. Armed with brutal weapons, they march relentlessly, spreading the corruption of Chaos across the Mortal Realms.

Chaos Knights, mounted on nightmarish steeds, epitomize the swift and brutal arm of the Slaves to Darkness. These heavily armored cavalry charge into battle with devastating force, leaving chaos in their wake. Their speed and raw power make them a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of breaking enemy lines and routing foes with ruthless efficiency.

Varanguard, the elite warriors chosen by Archaon himself, are the epitome of terror on the battlefield. Clad in dread-forged armor and wielding malevolent weapons, Varanguard are the vanguard of the Everchosen's forces. Their mere presence signals the impending doom that follows in their wake, as they strike down all who stand against the dominion of Chaos.

As part of the Everchosen, Slaves to Darkness possess a unique set of tactics that revolve around the overwhelming power of Archaon and the versatile capabilities of their warriors. The faction excels in delivering devastating charges, utilizing the mobility of Chaos Knights and Varanguard to control the battlefield. Combined arms strategies, where Chaos Warriors provide a solid infantry base while elite units deliver precision strikes, are a hallmark of Slaves to Darkness tactics.

In the tumultuous Age of Sigmar, the Slaves to Darkness stand as an indomitable force, spreading chaos and corruption wherever they tread. With Archaon leading the charge and legions of Chaos Warriors, Chaos Knights, and Varanguard at their disposal, the Slaves to Darkness sow the seeds of discord and subjugation in the realms of mortals.

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