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Night Lords

The Night Lords, a Chaos Space Marine Legion, are synonymous with terror and brutality within the dark tapestry of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Led by their Primarch, Konrad Curze, the Night Lords were originally the 8th Legion of Astartes, hailing from the bleak world of Nostramo. Konrad Curze's visions of terror and a brutal form of justice guided the Legion's actions, paving the way for their descent into the clutches of Chaos.


In the art of war, the Night Lords are masters of terror tactics, employing psychological warfare to sow fear and confusion among their enemies. Their grim reputation is further enhanced by the use of brutal and merciless methods, making them a force to be dreaded on the battlefield. Armed with the chilling Nostraman chaotically adorned power armour, the Night Lords strike fear into the hearts of those who dare oppose them.


For those assembling a Warhammer 40k Night Lords army, tactics revolve around exploiting the psychological vulnerabilities of their adversaries. Lightning claws, the signature weapon of the Night Lords, tear through enemy ranks, leaving chaos and panic in their wake. The Night Lords' emphasis on terror extends beyond the battlefield, as their dark aesthetics and ruthless methods make them a visually striking and haunting force.


During the Horus Heresy, the Night Lords played a significant role as they grappled with their Primarch's descent into madness. The legacy of the Night Lords in this chaotic conflict is a tale of internal strife and the Legion's eventual embrace of the malevolent powers of Chaos. Their narrative within the broader context of Chaos Legions adds depth and intrigue to the grim and treacherous universe of Warhammer 40,000.

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