The Commander of over 20,000 points of Necrons, Imotekh leads one of the most fearsome Dynasties ever created. As far as large armies go, this one is hard to beat and is certainly the largest we have done at the studio. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we approach painting the different types of units in a large army. Hopefully you'll agree that its a staggering army with attention payed to the smallest details, from the most imposing Lord to the tiniest Scarab.


No less than 100 Necron Warriors have been painted for the Dynasty. These have been painted to Tabletop Quality, with extra highlights added upon request. 50% of the figures have been mounted on incredibly detailed resin bases, the rest are on standard bases, textured and colour matched to add even more variety.



The vehicles of the Sit'Let Dynasty are predominantly red to provide contrast to the infantry. With such large areas of red it is imperitive that the edge highlighting is sharp enough to distiguish each individual armour plate. Using a simple palette is an easy way to make an army look cohesive and together, using the palette in a varied manner keeps the army looking interesting throughout. This model has been painted to Display Quality.


While red, silver and green are the key colours for the Sit'Let Dynasty, the Praetorians carry bronze to signify their status amongst their bretheren. Twenty Preatorians have been painted for this project, as you can see, the poses are interesting and dynamic throughout the squad. These figures are painted to Display Quality.