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The Necrons, ancient and enigmatic mechanical beings, stand as one of the most formidable factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Originating from the distant past, the Necrons were once a thriving organic race known as the Necrontyr. Through a pact with the malevolent C'tan, star gods of immense power, the Necrontyr underwent a transformation into soulless, immortal constructs - the Necrons. Now, they awaken from eons-long slumber to reclaim the galaxy in the name of their ancient Necron Dynasties.


The backbone of the Necron forces is formed by Necron Warriors, robotic foot soldiers equipped with devastating Gauss Flayers. These legions of relentless automata march in perfect unison, reaping destruction upon any who dare oppose the will of their undying overlords. The Necron Overlord, a potent and commanding figure, leads these mechanical legions with an iron will, utilizing advanced technology and a connection to the Necron Dynasty to ensure absolute control.


In addition to Necron Warriors, the Immortals stand as elite infantry units, distinguished by their enhanced durability and powerful weaponry. Clad in advanced Necrodermis, Immortals are often deployed in critical roles, securing key objectives and facing the most formidable adversaries on the battlefield.


The C'tan, ancient star gods imprisoned within Tesseract Labyrinths, are pivotal entities in Necron lore. Masters of reality manipulation and cosmic power, the C'tan were instrumental in the Necrons' transformation, and their influence continues to shape the destiny of entire star systems.
Necron Dynasties, each with its own unique history, heraldry, and characteristics, play a significant role in defining the identity of Necron forces. These dynasties are awakening from their long slumber on Tomb Worlds, rediscovering lost memories, and seeking to reestablish their dominance across the galaxy.


Tomb Worlds, ancient Necron burial grounds and stasis chambers, serve as the cradles from which Necron forces emerge. As Tomb Worlds awaken, Necron legions mobilize to fulfill the will of their overlords and extend the dominion of their dynasties.


The Necron Monolith, a colossal and mysterious structure, is a symbol of the Necrons' advanced technology and arcane power. It serves both as a transport for Necron forces and as a formidable weapon, capable of unleashing devastating energies upon the battlefield.


In the grand tapestry of Warhammer 40,000, Necrons are an ancient and implacable force, driven by a desire to reclaim their former glory and impose the will of their undying rulers across the stars.

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