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Leagues of Votann

The Leagues of Votann represent cooperative federations formed by a unique species known as the "Kin," characterized by their stout and robust Abhuman clones. Referred to derogatorily as "Squats" by the Imperium's Humans, the Kin are an advanced and spacefaring race endowed with sophisticated technology. They thrive in the challenging environments prevalent in the resource-abundant worlds found within the galactic core. Living harmoniously with self-aware robotic entities known as Ironkin, the Kin consider these constructs as full societal equals, fostering a coexistent and technologically advanced society.


Leagues of Votann armies are stubborn and stoic. They rely on their incredible technology, impenetrable vehicles and powerful weaponry to overcome their foes. From their battleline Hearthkyn Warriors to their Elite Einhyr Hearthguard, the Votann have a broad selection of soliders to draw from.

One of the most formidable tanks in all of Warhammer 40k is the Hekaton Land Fortress. An incredible centrepiece to a Votann force, the Land Fortress is an eyecatching model aswell as a powerhouse in game. Looking great in any of the Votann colour schemes, you won’t regret running at least one of these vehicles in your army.

Although the Leagues of Votann only sport a small model count in their initial release, the future looks bright for this new addition to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. We can’t wait to paint more as they arrive!

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