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Iron Warriors

The Iron Warriors, a Chaos Space Marine Legion, stand as masters of siege warfare and architects of devastation within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Founded during the Great Crusade, their allegiance shifted towards Chaos and the malevolent forces of the Warp under the influence of their Primarch, Perturabo. Perturabo's cold and calculating demeanor, coupled with his unparalleled skill in siegecraft, has forged the Iron Warriors into a relentless force that excels in tearing down fortifications and subjugating worlds through calculated brutality.


Siege warfare lies at the heart of the Iron Warriors' identity, a testament to their Primarch's strategic genius. Perturabo's affinity for tearing down the strongest defenses has shaped the Legion's tactics, making them unparalleled experts in the art of siegecraft. The Iron Warriors employ a range of devastating weaponry, from artillery to specialized siege engines, to systematically dismantle their adversaries' strongholds with ruthless efficiency.


Obliterators, Chaos Space Marines twisted and transformed by the blessings of Chaos, find a natural home within the ranks of the Iron Warriors. These warriors are mutated into living weapons, capable of reshaping their bodies to unleash a variety of devastating firepower. In the hands of the Iron Warriors, Obliterators become instrumental in breaching enemy defences and reducing fortified structures to rubble.


The lore of the Iron Warriors is steeped in the grim darkness of betrayal and the chaos that followed. Perturabo's resentment towards the Emperor and the perceived slights during the Great Crusade fueled his fall to Chaos. This narrative adds a layer of tragedy to the Iron Warriors, who once stood as loyal servants of the Imperium.

"Iron Within, Iron Without"

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