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Hounds of Abaddon

A sub-sect of the Black Legion, the Hounds of Abaddon serve Khorne and their Warmaster in equal measure. This army offered us so many conversion opportunities and we ended up with one of the most unique armies we have created. So much so that they drew the eyes of content creators that have featured them on their YouTube and social media channels! What a compliment.

At the forefront of the converted elements of this army are, of course, Khorne Berzerkers. Khorne Berserkers, the relentless warriors of the Blood God, epitomize unbridled savagery and martial fervor within the grim and war-torn universe of Warhammer 40,000. These fanatical Chaos Space Marines, wholly dedicated to Khorne's insatiable thirst for bloodshed, charge into battle with unmatched ferocity. Adorned in fearsome power armor and wielding razor-sharp chainaxes, Khorne Berserkers are relentless in their pursuit of close-quarters combat, seeking to spill the blood of their enemies in frenzied and brutal engagements. Driven by the sheer desire for violence and slaughter, they revel in the glory of combat, earning favor from Khorne with every life they extinguish. The battlefield echoes with their howls and the clash of weapons as Khorne Berserkers embody the brutal ethos of their malevolent deity, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

Perhaps the most eye catching of the conversions are the "Cerberus Maulerfiends". Modelled from Juggernaut parts alongside the base kit, these monsters each have 3 hound like heads. These monstrous engines of destruction within the Chaos Space Marine arsenal, stride relentlessly across the war-torn battlefields of Warhammer 40,000. Forged in the blasphemous foundries of the Dark Mechanicum, these hellish war machines are imbued with malevolent sentience and an insatiable hunger for destruction. Armed with colossal power fists, magma cutters, and lasher tendrils, Maulerfiends are designed for close-quarters annihilation, tearing through enemy lines with brutal efficiency. Their daemonic nature and unholy resilience make them formidable adversaries, as they advance with a relentless determination that strikes terror into the hearts of their foes. Maulerfiends epitomize the chaotic fusion of daemonic might and infernal machinery, a nightmarish manifestation of the Warp's destructive influence on the war engines of the 41st millennium.

Painted with metallic black armour, gold trim and blood effects a-plenty, we love this force and are so happy that its legacy lives on across many battle reports that you can watch right now!

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