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Flesh Tearers

The Flesh Tearers, a notable successor chapter of the esteemed Blood Angels, stand apart within the Warhammer 40,000 universe for their intense combat tactics, distinctive lore, and their perpetual struggle against the harrowing Black Rage. Led by their formidable Chapter Master, Gabriel Seth, the Flesh Tearers have carved a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, embodying the relentless fury and martial prowess inherent in their Blood Angels lineage, taking it to the extreme.



The Flesh Tearers' tactical approach is marked by an unrestrained ferocity, often throwing themselves into the thick of combat with a fervor that distinguishes them even among their Blood Angels brethren. Gabriel Seth's leadership is central to shaping these aggressive tactics, channelling the innate rage that courses through the veins of the Flesh Tearers into a relentless assault that leaves no room for hesitation.


The chapter's lore delves into their unique struggles with the Black Rage, a malady that afflicts Blood Angels and their successor chapters. The Flesh Tearers' narrative revolves around their efforts to contain and manage this affliction, often pushing them to the brink of chaos. The constant battle against the Black Rage is a defining aspect of their story, depicting the internal strife and challenges they face in their pursuit of serving the Imperium.


The Flesh Tearers' colour scheme mirrors the vibrant red of their Blood Angels progenitors, but with additional darker hues that symbolize the chapter's distinct identity. The visual representation of this unique aesthetic contributes to the unmistakable presence of the Flesh Tearers on the tabletop and in the lore. The blending of bold reds and darker tones in the Flesh Tearers armour serves as a visual testament to their relentless nature and internal struggles.

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