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Emperors Children

The Emperor's Children, a once proud Space Marine Legion that succumbed to the temptations of Slaanesh, embody excess, pleasure, and a descent into hedonistic madness within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Led by their charismatic Primarch, Fulgrim, the Legion pursued perfection in all aspects of art, combat, and sensation. However, this pursuit led them down a dark path, ultimately embracing the corrupting influence of Slaanesh.


Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children are now a twisted reflection of their former selves, their obsession with sensation manifested in the form of grotesque mutations and a relentless desire for pleasure. Among their ranks, the infamous Noise Marines stand out. Clad in gaudy and flamboyant armour, these warriors wield sonic weapons that unleash cacophonies of devastating sounds upon their enemies.


Slaanesh, the Chaos God of excess and indulgence, holds sway over the Emperor's Children. The Legion's aesthetic is marked by vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and an obsession with perfection that transcends the physical into the realms of sensory pleasure. Sonic weapons wielded by Noise Marines exemplify this obsession, transforming the chaotic din of battle into a symphony of agony for their foes.


In the current Warhammer 40k setting, those who command an Emperor's Children army revel in the excesses of Slaanesh, crafting armies that are both visually stunning and lethal on the tabletop. Sonic weapons, wielded by Noise Marines, become instruments of destruction, tearing through enemy lines with dissonant waves that reflect the chaotic nature of their patron god. The pursuit of perfection takes on a gruesome form as the Emperor's Children seek to create a masterpiece of carnage, all in the name of Slaanesh.

Did we mentioned that we made an electric guitar wielding, Noise Marine inspired Chaos Knight?! Take a look below.

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