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Warhammer 40k Commission Painting Studio Brush Orange

Death Guard

The Death Guard, once a proud Space Marine Legion, fell from grace during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, pledging their allegiance to the Chaos God Nurgle. Led by their formidable Primarch Mortarion, the Death Guard became an embodiment of decay, pestilence, and the inexorable advance of entropy. Mortarion's descent into darkness mirrored the tragic path of his Legion, forever changing the course of their destiny.


Plague Marines, the twisted remnants of the once-loyal Astartes, form the core of the Death Guard forces. These grotesque warriors are resilient carriers of Nurgle's blessings, clad in corrupted power armour and armed with plague-infested weaponry. Plague Marines epitomize the Death Guard's tenacity and their ability to endure in the face of adversity.


The tactics employed by the Death Guard on the battlefield are relentless and methodical. Their focus on attrition, combined with the inexorable spread of contagion, aims to grind down their foes over time. The Death Guard's affinity for toxic weaponry and the use of blight grenades make them a formidable force in both ranged and close-quarters combat. Their infamous resilience, bolstered by Nurgle's blessings, allows them to endure wounds that would cripple other forces.


Blightlord Terminators, clad in corrupted Cataphractii Terminator armour, are elite warriors within the Death Guard ranks. Armed with blight launchers and bubotic axes, these formidable terminators wade into the thick of battle, spreading contagion and reaping a grim tally of victims. Their tactical versatility and resilience make them a strategic cornerstone in Death Guard warbands.


Nurgle, the Chaos God of decay and pestilence, holds the Death Guard in his foul embrace. The Legion's devotion to Nurgle is manifested in the grotesque mutations that afflict its members, turning once noble warriors into veritable instruments of plague. Nurgle's gifts bestow upon the Death Guard a twisted form of immortality, ensuring that they endure amidst the decay they sow.


The lore of the Death Guard is a tragic tale of corruption and damnation. Mortarion's fall during the Siege of Terra and subsequent embrace of Nurgle transformed the Legion into a nightmarish force devoted to spreading disease and decay. The Death Guard's narrative is a testament to the insidious allure of Chaos and the eternal struggle between loyalty and corruption. Oh, and they're really fun to paint!

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