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Dark Angels

The Dark Angels, one of the original Space Marine Legions, have a complex and mysterious history within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Founded by the Primarch Lion El'Jonson, the Dark Angels are renowned for their strategic acumen, unwavering loyalty, and the shadows that obscure their true nature.


At the heart of the Dark Angels' leadership stands Azrael, the Supreme Grand Master and the keeper of the chapter's secrets. Azrael plays a pivotal role in guiding the Dark Angels through the grim and tumultuous galaxy. Under his command, the Dark Angels pursue their relentless hunt for the elusive Fallen, a dark chapter in their history involving betrayal and secrecy.


The Deathwing, the first and most veteran company of the Dark Angels, is often deployed in Terminator armour. Led by the Master of the Deathwing, these warriors are entrusted with the most critical missions. The Deathwing's tactics involve precision strikes and resilience, reflecting their role as the tip of the spear in the Dark Angels' campaigns.


On the other flank rides the Ravenwing, the chapter's fast attack and reconnaissance company. Utilizing speed and maneuverability, the Ravenwing employs hit-and-run tactics, spearheaded by the skilled bikers and the ominous Dark Talon aircraft. This specialized force, often led by a Ravenwing Talonmaster, ensures that the Dark Angels maintain control of the skies and swiftly strike at their enemies.


The Dark Angels' lore is intricately tied to their pursuit of the Fallen, former brethren who turned traitor during the Horus Heresy. This ongoing quest for redemption is central to the chapter's narrative and creates a unique tension within their ranks. The secrets of the Fallen and the chapter's enigmatic past contribute to the air of mystery that shrouds the Dark Angels.


The colour scheme of the Dark Angels, characterized by dark green power armour with bone-colored trim, is emblematic of their sombre and secretive nature. They also get the benefit of the black armoured Ravenwing and the bone armoured Deathwing to create a unique and interesting look. Each Space Marine bears the iconic winged sword heraldry, a symbol of the chapter's ancient lineage and its ties to the original Legion.


Whether creating an army of Dark Angels from the Horus Heresy era or from the Warhammer 40k universe, they always form a striking army. Check out our interpretations below!

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