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The Carcharodons, often referred to as the Space Sharks, stand as a mysterious and brutal Space Marine Chapter within the vast tapestry of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Originating from the harsh and enigmatic realm known as the Maelstrom Zone, the Carcharodons have earned a fearsome reputation for their savage tactics and relentless pursuit of their enemies.


At the forefront of the Carcharodons' might is Tyberos the Red Wake. Clad in the formidable Tartaros Terminator Armor, Tyberos is a formidable force in battle. His leadership has steered the chapter through the tumultuous events of the 41st millennium.


The moniker "Space Sharks" stems from the Carcharodons' distinct and predatory nature, evoking the image of ruthless hunters stalking their prey through the void of space. This alternative name encapsulates their brutal reputation and relentless pursuit of justice in the grim darkness of the far future.


Carcharodons tactics are characterized by their predatory instincts and a brutal efficiency that strikes terror into the hearts of their foes. They are known for their boarding actions and brutal close-quarters combat, often employing shock and awe tactics to overwhelm their adversaries. The Void Shark symbol, a fearsome shark's maw, represents both their predatory instincts and their mastery of void warfare. This iconic emblem, displayed prominently on their armor and banners, strikes fear into those who face the Space Sharks in battle.


The lore of the Carcharodons is shrouded in mystery, with little known about their origins and the events that led to their emergence from the Maelstrom Zone. This enigma adds a layer of intrigue to their narrative, making them one of the more mysterious and captivating chapters within the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Traditionally a Carcharodons army is painted with grey armour, but as with anything in 40k, you can customise to your hearts content. Check out these black armoured Carcharadons we worked on with a customised version of Roboute Guilliman as the centrepiece. Don’t feel forced to make your project the same as anyone elses, we can make your dream army come true!

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