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The Aeldari, a complex and ancient race within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, encompass various factions each with its own unique identity and motivations. Craftworld Eldar, often referred to as the Asuryani, are the most prominent and stoic of the Aeldari factions. In their majestic Craftworlds, they seek to rebuild their dwindling civilization after the fall of the Eldar Empire, navigating the treacherous path between the perils of the Warp and the threats of the material universe.


Harlequins, enigmatic and theatrical warriors, traverse the galaxy as mysterious performers and deadly combatants. Hailing from the Eldar realm of the Webway, these acrobatic and agile warriors serve the Laughing God, Cegorach, and weave intricate dances upon the battlefield, leaving confusion and death in their wake.


Aeldari Corsairs, a faction of free-spirited pirates and adventurers, roam the fringes of the galaxy in sleek spacecraft, embracing a life of independence and daring raids. With their fast and agile vessels, Aeldari Corsairs bring hit-and-run tactics to the fore, striking swiftly and disappearing before retaliation can occur.


Ynnari, followers of the Whispering God Ynnead, represent a radical faction seeking to unite the fractured Aeldari race and birth a new god capable of combating the Chaos threat. By embracing death and the soul-stirring power of Ynnead, the Ynnari defy the doom that haunts their kin, striving for a brighter future.


Eldar Exodites, a less common faction, are Aeldari who have chosen to live on feral worlds, adopting a more primal and agrarian lifestyle. Riding upon dinosaur-like creatures, they maintain a connection with nature while preserving their unique Aeldari heritage.


When assembling a Warhammer 40k Aeldari army, tactics vary based on the chosen faction. Craftworld Eldar often employ swift and coordinated strikes, utilizing powerful aspect warriors and grav-tanks. Harlequins excel at hit-and-run assaults, confounding enemies with their dazzling performances. Aeldari Corsairs bring speed and unpredictability to the battlefield, while Ynnari armies combine the strengths of different Aeldari factions under the banner of Ynnead.


The Aeldari, marked by their ancient history and the consequences of their past actions, continue to navigate the turbulent currents of the 41st millennium, seeking survival and redemption amidst the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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