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Forces of Evil

The Forces of Evil in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game (MESBG) represent the malevolent entities and armies aligned with the dark powers seeking dominion over Middle-earth. Led by the Dark Lord Sauron, these factions include the legions of Mordor, the brutal Uruk-hai of Isengard, the vile forces of Angmar, and other sinister entities.

At the heart of the Forces of Evil stands Mordor, the dread realm ruled by Sauron. Mordor's armies comprise a diverse array of creatures, including Orcs, Trolls, Ringwraiths, and the fearsome Nazgûl. The Black Gate and the dark towers of Barad-dûr symbolize the ominous power of Mordor.

The industrial war machine of Saruman, Isengard deploys the Uruk-hai, a brutal and disciplined breed of Orcs, as well as monstrous creations like the mighty Uruk-hai Berserkers and the infamous siege engines. Saruman's cunning and desire for power drive Isengard's forces to conquer and subjugate.

In the frozen lands of the north, the Witch-king of Angmar raises armies of the undead and fell creatures to serve his dark purposes. Barrow-wights, wargs, and corrupted spirits are among the sinister forces at Angmar's command, seeking to spread dread and death.

Forces of Evil Heroes:
The Forces of Evil boast powerful leaders and iconic characters such as Sauron, the Witch-king of Angmar, Saruman the White, and the Nazgûl. Each brings unique strengths and abilities to the dark cause, inspiring fear and commanding vast armies.

The Ringwraiths, once mighty kings corrupted by Sauron's Nine Rings, are a key element of the Forces of Evil. Mounted on black steeds, they sow terror on the battlefield and hunt for the One Ring. Their presence is a constant threat to the Free Peoples.

In the MESBG, players can command the Forces of Evil in recreating epic battles from J.R.R. Tolkien's works or forging new narratives in the dark corners of Middle-earth. Whether besieging Minas Tirith, assaulting Helm's Deep, or advancing the dark agenda of their dark masters, the Forces of Evil seek domination and subjugation in a world teetering on the brink of darkness.

Forces of Evil Tactics:The Forces of Evil employ various tactics to crush their opposition. Mordor relies on overwhelming numbers and the terror instilled by its monstrous allies. Isengard combines industrial might with disciplined Uruk-hai forces to crush resistance, while Angmar leverages the supernatural and undead to sow fear among its foes.

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